Gabrielle Union, Angie Harmon Naked: bad role models for women?

NancyM on 26 Jan 2009 at 2:13pm

With the news that liposuction and breast augmenation were the top plastic surgery procedures performed last year, it's worth considering the influence naked celebrities are having on the demand for body contouring surgery.

Case in point, the Look Better Naked issue of Allure magazine came out last May, with Hillary Duff nude on the cover.

Duff was joined by Angie Harmon, Gabrielle Union, Jill Scott, Zoe McLellan and Ana Ortiz, all appearing nude in the magazine.

Angie Harmon called her decision to go nude "about showing the female body in a positive, beautiful way."

Plus-size singer Jill Scott said "here I am, naked in a magazine at size 16 ... We are all beautiful, each and every one of us."

While taking off clothing is a sure-fire way for an actress to get media attention, going nude has detractors and risks setting an expectation for fans that this is what "normal" looks like.  What you don't see are the thousands of hours of personal training and relentless portion control that dictates celebrity lives. The celebrity lifestyle is not all glam and wealth.  Lot's of sweat (some plastic surgery), and plenty of makeup!