10 Funniest Plastic Surgery Tweets of the Week

EliseR on 6 Sep 2011 at 9:00am

When they bury me and dig me up, they'll discover I'm absolutely non-biodegradable and non-recyclable.
-- Joan Rivers

Here are last week's 10 funniest tweets about plastic surgery (in no particular order):

10 Funniest Tweets


Remember to be specific in life. A friend just came back from getting a boob job with 'Silly cone implants.'


10 Funniest Plastic Surgery Tweets


I gave my wife plastic surgery. I cut up her credit cards.

10 Funniest Plastic Surgery Tweets of the Week


Just saw a story about a dog getting plastic surgery... so there you have it people, Armageddon is near.


Platic Surgery Tweets


Lipo is not prayer worthy. Tummy Tucks are. It's about percentage of chance you'll meet God. The higher chances, the more prayers.


Ten Funny Tweets about Plastic Surgery


Just missed my hair and hair-sprayed my face by accident and now I can't move it and feels like I've had Botox or something.


Ten Tweets about Plastic Surgery


I am SO unlucky. I lent my friend 3,000 dollars for plastic surgery and now I don't know what he looks like.


Ten Funny Tweets


I wonder if they can do a nose job on a dog because ruby needs one. I just saw her trip on her own nose.

10 funny tweets about plastic surgery


I'm going to need plastic surgery to get this wedgie out.


10 Funny Plastic Surgery Tweets


I was trying to Google a boob question on my iPad and put in "breast implants." It autocorrected to "dreadful pants."


Ten Funny Tweets


By Jove! I've got it! Liposuction in America could be a valuable source of fats and therefore fuel oil. Call them 'Oil Donation Parlors.'

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Image source: lostinidaho.me, Twitter.com