How to Get Fuller Lips Without "Trout Pout"

MakenzieR on 15 Mar 2012 at 4:30pm

"When you walk into a room, your lips should not enter the room before the rest of your body," says facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Persky

That may be how French actress Emmanuelle Beart (photo right) feels. She's the latest celebrity to speak out about lip enhancement regrets. "Trout pout" is probably not a phrase anyone thought would describe the former Mission Impossible beauty, but that's the headline of her story making media rounds this week.  

Beart told French newspaper Le Monde "I had my mouth done at 27. It was botched." She added: "Today I would say, ‘I am against plastic surgery. It’s a grave act. An act that touches our soul. It was frightening."

Despite Real Housewife Taylor Armtrong's rise as the face of overdone lips last year, searches for lip augmentation were up 25% in 2011, according to RealSelf data. As more women look for ways to enhance, how you can ensure you'll end up with an Angelina Jolie smile, and not a Lisa Rinna "duck face?"

Dr. Persky says that "sculpting lips is an art. The person injecting should have a sense of aesthetics, balance, and symmetry." 

Lisa Rinna lips

Here are 7 of his "essentials of sexy, beautiful lips:"  

  • "Less is often more" when it comes to lips. More product can always be added if needed.
  • All lips are not the same, so a standard "recipe" does not apply.
  • The lip should be enlarged only enough to return natural fullness and shape.
  • The upper lip should always be about 70% the size of the lower lip. If you see an upper lip that is larger than the lower, bingo, you know that some things have been put in those lips (i.e. Julia Roberts in Ocean's 11).
  • Only the middle 2/3 of the lower lip should be injected to avoid a "sausage" appearance.
  • If you decide to have fat transfer, be careful of the amount and placement of the fat.
  • Avoid the "permanent fillers" like Silicone, and Soft Form.

It is possible to get great lips with a visit to the doctor's office. Check out the photos below and read reviews from our community -- so far 6 out of 10 people thought their lip procedure was Worth It.

Perlane lip injections

Juvederm lip injections

Restylane lip injections

Have you tried anything to get fuller lips? Would you?

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