Free Plastic Surgery Clinics: Would You Go?

MakenzieR on 23 Mar 2012 at 4:00pm

free plastic surgeryIf plastic surgery were free, would you be more inclined to get it? In Brazil, where saying “I had some work done” is about as shocking as “I went to the dentist,” many doctors are offering free or severely discounted cosmetic procedures to those who can’t afford them.

“The philosophy behind the more than 220 clinics across Brazil that treat...thousands of maids, receptionists, waitresses and others is simple: Beauty is a right, and the poor deserve to be ravishing, too.” says The Huffington Post.

The Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine's Rio clinic alone has performed free surgeries on over 14,000 patients since 1997. And when clinics have days to apply for free surgery, people stand in line midnight-movie-premiere style.

But would America's attitude toward plastic surgery change if more people could afford it? It is easier to say you’d never go under the knife when you know that you’ll likely never be able to pay for it...

Queries about financing and discounts are seen frequently on RealSelf. From “How do I afford plastic surgery if I'm still young?” to “I want to finance my BBL but I have poor credit.”

In fact, so many women want breast implants who can’t afford them that there’s an entire U.S.-based website called My Free Implants where women post their profiles and male benefactors donate to their surgical fund.

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Photo credit: iquoncept / Deposit Photos