T1000 on 10 Dec 2007 at 6:11pm

The largest chain of Lipodissolve clinics is out of business according to the St. Louis Business Journal.  Fig Advanced Lipodissolve halted operations this past weekend. The journal explains: 

Several employees said they were told at the end of the work day Dec. 7 that the company was closing down. Workers were instructed to pack their belongings and leave their offices. Fig. had more than 500 employees nationwide, including 126 at its corporate office here.
Calls to Fig.'s Maryland Heights headquarters were not answered. Neither Chief Executive Rob Semaan nor Chris Dornfeld, head of business development, could be reached Monday morning for comment. Spokeswoman Katie Rees is no longer listed in the company's voicemail directory. Source

For myself, the oddest part of this story is that I just had a conference call with Fig executives last Thursday.  Chris Dornfield skipped the planned call (should have been a warning to me).  The purpose was to get Fig on the path toward increasing their transparency to the RealSelf audience after being caught posting fake reviews on RealSelf.  Fig showed significant interest in having the Fig professionals appear in RealSelf Answers.  They spoke cheerfully about the company moving to add Smartlipo along with plastic surgeons to each office. 

I'm annoyed that the Fig guys blew hours of my time on a silly exercise.  But I'm more concerned about Fig customers who've sought Fig refunds and already made lipodissolve treatment deposits. That money is likely long gone.

Prove me wrong Fig.

Update (Dec 07): Now Fig's east coast competitor Medsculpt has declared bankruptcy.  More about the Medsculpt bankruptcy described by our members.