Female Plastic Surgeons Get the Clicks

T1000 on 2 Sep 2010 at 7:08pm

Not long ago I was invited by a group of women, all plastic surgeons, to have a meal, drink wine and talk twitter.  We sat around in a circle, iphones out, getting setup with accounts and followed by one another. (Note: we are @realself on twitter) 

Female Plastic Surgeons

During this gathering I mentioned that our team had anecdotal evidence that our site audience really likes hearing from female plastic surgeons.  More specifically, we believed that women doctors in our community were getting higher clicks to their answers and profile pages vs. their male counterparts.

With a bit of research we found some interesting stats:

Male plastic surgeons are much more active on RealSelf, and potentially, social media

Female plastic surgeons represent 15% of our doctor community (which numbers over 1,000), yet they account for just 5.8% of doctor activity on the site. Activity includes posting answers to consumer questions and photos to our before and after gallery. Does this insight speak to their overall social media involvement? I'm willing to bet so, but can't back this up with data.

Female plastic surgeons get the clicks

Even though our female doctors are under-represented in activity, they do in fact get more visits to their profile pages and content.  Looking at historical RealSelf data, 12% of the clicks went to the female plastic surgeons. Their share of voice may be far under the men, but female plastic surgeons command considerable attention.

Top 10 Most Active Female Plastic Surgeons Practice in  NYC and SF

The female plastic surgeons who are most active and get the most clicks in our audience are from either the Bay Area or NYC region. Dr Nina Naidu is the most active female plastic surgeon in our web community

  1. Nina Naidu, NYC Plastic Surgeon
  2. Tracy Pfeifer, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
  3. Lavinia Chong, Orange County Plastic Surgeon
  4. Elizabeth Lee, Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
  5. Michelle Copeland, NYC Plastic Surgeon
  6. Sharon Theresa McLaughlin, Long Island Plastic Surgeon
  7. Lauren Greenberg, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
  8. Kari Colen, NYC Plastic Surgeon
  9. Usha Rajagopal, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
  10. Jennifer Walden, MD NYC Plastic Surgeon

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