FDA Approves HairMax for Home Hair Loss Treatment

K. Mathews on 15 Jun 2011 at 9:00am

Hair loss for women can be devastating. While men can shave their heads or throw on baseball caps, women don’t have the same options while still feeling beautiful. Fortunately, the FDA just approved a home hair-loss device designed for women called the HairMax LaserComb.

HairMax LaserComb uses laser light energy to “stimulate dormant and active hair follicles.” The company compares how the product works to photosynthesis: in the same way sunlight helps plants to grow, lasers activate hair follicle growth. Customers are instructed to use HairMax for just 11 minutes a few days a week to see optimal results.

The FDA approved HairMax after a clinical study found that all of the subjects grew additional hair over the span of six months. Moreover, 70% of the HairMax users even enhanced the HairMax laser comb thickness of their existing hair. No side effects were discovered from using the device.

We spoke to Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Epstein who specializes in hair restoration, and his professional opinion counters the study. While Dr. Epstein hasn’t seen much success with patients who use laser combs, he has been able to either slow or stop hair loss by using low-level laser light therapy (LLLT).

Other RealSelf doctors suggest products like Rogaine to combat hair loss. Rogaine is an oral medication containing minoxidil, which is known to cut back on hair loss in some. Unfortunately, loss tends to return once the product is discontinued.

In treating hair loss, “setting realistic patient expectations, and proper patient selection, is key,” notes Dr. Epstein. Consult a doctor to see which approach might best address the type of hair loss you are experiencing.

HairMax Laser comb before and after

Would you pay the $500-600 pricetag for this hair-thickening comb?

Photo credits: HairMax