TODAY Beauty: Non-Invasive Fat Zappers and Ear Fixes [VIDEO]

A. Foley on 23 Sep 2012 at 9:00am


A youthful look without surgery? We're all ears.The growth of non-invasive treatments is no secret - the AAFPRS reported that they were up this year to account for 75% of all cosmetic procedures - but the way and where they are being used is. 

Friday's TODAY show segment featured Mt. Sinai dermatologist Dr. Debra Wattenberg and the latest trends with non-surgical procedures. She talks through the growing field of lasers and light therapy, including Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), Fraxel Laser, and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), that smooth complexion and pigmentation. The segment also included the category of volumizers, like the branded "liquid facelife," that reportedly fill out the hallows of aged facial skin.

What we found most interesting was the use of fillers in less talked about trouble spots, like earlobes. We've all heard that the ears and the nose are two features that don't stop growing, so it makes sense that the lobes would be an area to target in an attempt to wind back the clock. 

Also included in the segment below, Dr. Wattenberg recommends that patients look at before and after photos to ascertain realistic results, and look at recovery times. More downtown often equals more drastic results! For that information, look no further than RealSelf!


Have you tried one of the new reported uses for fillers, from foot padding to earlobes? We want to hear all about it! Please share in the comments below


video credit: today show (nbc)