Fat Molecules slow aging...fight increase of MMP's

Beauty Cred on 13 Jul 2008 at 11:53am

No, I'm not kidding on this one. It may actually be possible for us to celebrate something good about fat. Skin Inc. recently reported (6/6/08) on a study that appeared in the  (49:1235-1245), in which scientists discovered that topical application of a naturally occurring fat molecule have the potential to slow down skin aging.

The researchers tested seven naturally occurring lipids and found that,

In samples of skin cells, three of the lipids could prevent UV-radiation from both reducing collagen expression and increasing the levels of MMP's; they even increased collagen in undamaged skin cells. Of these three, the molecule phosphatidylserine (PS) seemed the most promising, so the researchers tested it on human skin.

The study concluded that,

In both natural and UV-induced aging, PS treatment prevented collagen reduction and an increase in MMPs when compared to no treatment.

Perhaps we'll see Patricia Wexler, whose MMPi.20 Skin Regenerating Serum targets MMPs, utilizing fat molecules in her line someday--? Could be, but what I'd really like is for the fat that's currently in me to be doing something positive for my skin--right now!

What do you think about this latest discovery? Let us know! And if you've tried Patricia Wexler MMPi.20 Skin Regenerating Serum.