Facelift, Brow Lift, and Breast Lift For Under $20?

Beauty Cred on 14 Jan 2009 at 7:55am

Watching your wallet but longing for a facelift, brow lift or breast lift? Aside from financing your surgery or putting it off, there aren't many options. But Bring It Up Beauty, a California-based company, would like you to believe otherwise with their instant "lift" alternatives.

My first reaction to seeing Bring It Up Beauty's Instant Facelift and Instant Brow Lift was, "You have to be kidding me." If you can imagine all-day-wear Frownies, you're sort of on the right track. If you're a mom to a toddler who's gotten into the Scotch tape and given new meaning to the phrase "self-adhesive." you get the picture as well.

Bring It Up Beauty's lift products are, in essence, tape. The video here does much more justice than my writing about it can, but basically you use the tapes to clothespin up your sagging skin. Seriously.

The video's pretty convincing, particularly for a breast lift; the brow lift video on the Bring It Up Beauty site is convincing, too — but I have a slight issue with wearing tape on my forehead. Just imagine that romantic moment on the beach: the gentle breeze sweeping back your hair, your guy suddenly stopping and saying, "What's that tape on your forehead?" It goes downhill from there, skin and all.

Still, at $19.99 per your choice of lift, I guess it's still a bargain.