What (Not) To Wear After A Body Lift

VVartanian on 11 Sep 2013 at 8:00am

Dr. Stoker explains how wearing less is often more after body lift surgery.

On the September 3rd season finale of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss -- we witness the incredible transformation of Bob Brenner, a Wisconsin police officer who at 450 pounds, is in danger of losing his job. A new work requirement means Bob has to pass a "Fit for Duty" exam, so he reaches out to celebrity trainer Chris Powell for help.

Bob, who once played college football, meets the year-long diet and exercise challenge with full force. Despite injuring his knee at his first workout (and taking off an entire month for surgery after injuring the other) -- he bikes, boxes and swims his way to finishing the last leg of the Tour De France and loses over 200 pounds. He also manages to squeeze in body lift surgery with LA plastic surgeon, Dr. David Stoker.   

With all that behind him, Bob's final reveal in a slim charcoal-grey suit is shocking. Chris smiles widely when Bob steps on the stage -- after 365 days, he's helped this man achieve a drastically different future.  But, we were left with one big question at the end of the season.

What does the surgeon feel when he witnesses the shock (and delight) of Bob's family and friends at the final reveal? We did a quick sit-down with Dr. Stoker for some insight.

RealSelf: How does it feel to see your patient step on stage?

I'm really happy for them, but I wish they were standing there in a Speedo or a bikini! There is so much more to show off, but ABC is a family network and responsible not to show too much skin. I know how good they look underneath their clothes.

It's clear to me how huge an impact this surgery has. When previously, they didn’t want to have a [romantic] relationship because of the possibility of someone seeing their body. And now, they are proud to stand in front of millions and show it off. You can imagine what this surgery does for self-confidence.

My surgical goal is that I want them to be comfortable standing there in a bikini, underwear or nothing at all (hopefully, in the privacy of their own home).

RealSelf: What's your biggest hope for those watching who want to lose weight?

When you think about the millions worldwide who are seeing the show, it has to have a pretty big positive impact – far beyond what I can do in operating room by myself. So, it’s great to have that platform to stand on to show people that even in the most hopeless of situations, you can do it. You are in control of your destiny if you put in the time and effort.

The show isn't just entertainment. The reality is that it's about improving lives. I hope that's what people take away from it.

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