The Ethics of Extreme Plastic Surgery

Jager Weatherby on 9 Mar 2015 at 11:00pm

Human Barbie
Valeria Lukyanova (aka "The Human Barbie")

When it comes to considering a plastic surgery procedure, taking the time to do proper research is key. RealSelf is here to help our users learn what they need to know while weighing their options, so they can make a confident, informed, and safe decision — whether they decide to follow through with a procedure or not.

Unfortunately, the thousands of everyday women who have undergone successful plastic surgery are often overshadowed by the extreme (and might we add rare) cases that the media likes to cover. Just think about how many times you’ve read the headline, “Addicted to Plastic Surgery!” or how there seems to be yet another Human Ken or Barbie with every passing week.

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The topic of extreme plastic surgery has proven to be one of great interest. But while the mainstream media loves to feed off these cases, there’s a bigger issue at play. In light of these stories, we have to wonder: Does there ever come a time when plastic surgery crosses an ethical line?

How does a doctor decide when a someone’s request is too much? What are some of the warning signs of extreme plastic surgery? Avvo reached out to Dr. Paul Nassif, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and star of the E! reality show Botched, to talk about cosmetic procedures that might test the bounds of medicine and ethics.

Read Dr. Nassif’s answers to our top 6 questions on Avvo’s NakedLaw blog.

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