Is Eminence Tomato Sun Cream Fake-Organic?

Eric K on 4 Jun 2008 at 12:00am

Did you know that skincare products aren't regulated, and the USDA organic label only applies to products that are food grade?

Eminence Organic's Tomato Sun Cream SPF 16 looked like a great organic natural daily moisturizer with SPF and no chemical ingredients, so I bought a jar.  Then I read a post on Huddler Green Home that said Eminence was fake organic  because they don't reveal which ingredients are organic or reveal their certification.

Then I read Lisa3559's comment on that mentioned that Eminence lost their original supplier and has copying them with lower-quality versions of the ingredients.  Sure enough, the website for says "Ilcsi products are being copied in the USA":

Eminence Organic Skin Care Ltd. (Vancouver, Canada) was the distributor for the territory of USA and Canada of Ilcsi products under the brand Eminence from 2002 until 31st March 2005 only... Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs Hungary have not supplied any Ilcsi products to them.  The current Eminence products are no longer associated in any way with Aunt Ilcsi Molnar or her family owned company.

Eminence Organic Skin Care trademarked the word "Ilcsi", which is the international brand and the nickname of the creator of the products they used to distribute from Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs Hungary until the spring of 2005.  For this reason Aunt Ilcsi's products can not be marked under her name in the U.S. or Canada and are now called ilike, which is another nickname for her.  The ilike organic skin care products are the same Ilcsi products and are not associated in any way with Eminence Organaic Skin Care.

ilike does have a "Tomato suntan cream, spf 22" although the description is worrisome, and I don't think it's just a bad translation:

The only tanning lotion allowing the UV "A" and the long UV "B" rays through, which are important in vitamin D development...  almost entirely screens out the harmful UV "C" rays, which come through the thin ozone layer.

Uh, no.  I think I'll stick with zinc oxide and block UV A, B and C

So was the "faker" Eminence Organic Tomato Sun Cream worth it?  No, it causes a tingling/burning sensation, especially when I breathe through my nose or after shaving. Maybe it's one of the oils that it contains (pine needle oil - why?), or maybe it's the alcohol-based extracts like the primary ingredient, "Tomato Extract".

Thankfully, I've found a much better natural daily SPF moisturizer that's actually a joy to use.  It goes on clear, smells and feels great, has better sun protection, and is produced by a company that is passionate about disclosing the exact percentage used for each ingredient: Keys Solar RX.