Can Egg Whites Tighten Your Skin? and More Eggy Doctor Q&As — Happy Easter!

Chako S. on 20 Apr 2014 at 8:00am

In keeping with the Easter holiday spirit, we searched our Q&A section high and low to bring you the most interesting questions about — you guessed it — eggs. We’re tempted to launch into a plethora of egg puns, but we’ll stop ourselves here. As always, if you’ve got specific questions or concerns, always ask your own doctor directly. Happy Easter!

Q: “What homemade remedies can be used for tightening the skin? I heard egg whites work.” —Jade1967
A: We have a two answers from RealSelf doctors. Rather than use egg whites, Dr. Daniel Shapiro recommends non-invasive Ultherapy for facial skin tightening (Worth It Rating: 71%). Dr. Steven Wallach is against home remedies altogether because they “can lead to problems.” On the other hand, celeb doc Dr. Oz has a three-step do-it-yourself facelift that includes an egg white in the recipe because it tightens the skin — even if only temporarily.

Q:“What is the risk of an allergic or toxic reaction to Botox?” — Anonymous
A: The majority of the doctors who answered this question seem to be in agreement that allergic reactions are rare or even unheard of. Dr. Matheson A. Harris states, “In most cases where an allergic reaction occurs with Botox, it is to the carrier that comes along with the drug. People allergic to vaccinations, albumin, or eggs have been known to have reactions to the medicine, but this is rare. A true allergy to the botulinum toxin would be very uncommon. The body may form antibodies against the toxin, which will block its effectiveness, but doesn't usually cause any noticeable immune reaction.”

Q: “What to eat to prevent weight gain since can’t workout after breast augmentation?” — FitVilife
A: Right off the bat, Dr. Gerald Minniti recommends swapping oatmeal for eggs in the morning, and to create a healthy diet around “whole vegetables and berries only, along with chicken, eggs, and occasional beef.” For things to stop eating, he recommends cutting carbs, avoiding processed foods, and stopping protein shakes (which are processed).

Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe, also sings the praises of protein for those in post-op, “The most important thing you can eat for healing reasons is protein. These are the building blocks for healing tissues.” For those who didn’t know, a boiled egg has approximately 6 grams of protein.

If you’ve got more questions about eggs, ask away in the comments section below! Happy Easter!

Photo source: MariahCarey on Twitter