Eczema treatment by BEAM

Beauty in Seattle on 30 Aug 2006 at 10:47pm

Eczema drives my friend Olivia nuts. She swears her itchy skin will send her into near convulsions. She hates taking steroids, which is the typical med for eczema, fearing after effects like cataracts. I feel so helpless trying to offer her help. My anti-aging research is useless to her...she could care less about wrinkles at this point.

Then today I tripped over two eczema new items I passed on to Olivia and thought it could be relevant to you.

First, I let her know about the new cautions issued by the US FDA about using skin bleaching agents. The FDA announced yesterday that skin bleaching creams--which are often used by eczema sufferers--should be pulled from over the counter sales if they contain hydroquinone, a possible carcinogen. More about this on MSNBC.

Separately, I read about a rather unusual eczema treatment called Body Energy Alignment Method, or BEAM for short. BEAM is meant to stimulate energy flows within your body. The procedure is best described by the news reporter:

Treatment involves the patient donning a pair of lilo-style pressurised felt boots which are pumped up by the therapist. A gentle vacuum pressure is used to stimulate the "meridian ends" (the meridians are the energy lines of the body) and "reflex points" on the feet.
Following their removal, the soles of the patient's feet are "read" (specific colours and patterns appear on each patient) and perceived energy imbalances are then treated by acupressure, essentially a kind of acupuncture in which suction pads are applied to acupuncture points on limbs and feet.

The body energy movement (maybe that's an overstatement?) reminds me of acupuncture "facelift" which is about unblocking energy flows in the body to revitalize your skin. Not sure where BEAM is offered in the US [please leave a comment if you know more about this].

In the case of eczema, BEAM advocates appear to believe that reducing stress helps resolve outbreaks of eczema. I researched whether stress was medically linked to eczema. My conclusion after reading dozens of medical sites is that stress may make eczema worse, but no one believes stress causes eczema. So, perhaps BEAM works to alleviate itchy eczema skin patches.

If you have eczema, one helpful research site made a few tips for management of outbreaks that I thought I'd pass along:

  • Avoidance of irritants to skin e.g water, soaps
  • Avoidance of sensitising substances e.g fragrances, neomycin, nickel, etc
  • Avoid extreme environmental conditions: Hot or cold, dry or humid