Maybe Hillary could use a little Dremu Airbrush

Beauty Cred on 16 Jun 2008 at 12:04am

We've had a number of comments on Hillary's appearance (redone by site like, which I've posted about), so I thought of her when I was about to try Dremu Airbrush. Airbrushing--the true art of which has been taken over by any wannabe desktop publisher armed with Photoshop--has long been the tool of the fashion and beauty media wizards to create that omnipresent aspirational look. For better or worse.

Dremu Airbrush, however, claims to put a bit of airbrushing magic into your own hands--sans airbrush gun. Plus, it touts a 7-minutes-flat time estimate to get you results. And just what are those results? Well, Dremu Airbrush promises to deliver a reviving boost around the delicate eye area and to diminish the look of my fine lines, crow's feet, puffiness and dark circles. I'm not dealing with dark circles today, so my first impression won't account for those, but here goes...

I've applied Dremu Airbrush with stopwatch in hand (or at least on lower right of my screen). The texture of  Airbrush is lighter than expected and it doesn't have that gel-like tackiness that so often accompanies a firming/de-puffing eye area treatment. It feels more like a whipped lotion. The scent is a bit floral, though Anti-aging wonder Emu Oil comes from the Emu bird only a hint is noticeable.

According to the ingredient list, the main anti-agers that grace the Dremu Airbrush formula are Emu Oil (from the bird, at left), Collagen, Ceramides, Green Tea Extract,  Elastin,  Aloe Vera and vitamin E. So it combines some powerful antioxidants along with its soothing moisturization.
Oprah's a fan of Dremu Airbrush

I certainly notice that my eye area is hydrated--and I do look a bit refreshed...calmer. I'm not so sure the de-puffing I get with Dremu Airbrush is as substantial as with some other products I've used. But my fine lines are softened and I would use Airbrush as a daily eye moisturizer--it leaves a smoothed out finish.

Would it work for Hillary? Who knows. I think she may be better off with Fotofix. But Oprah's sung Dremu's praises and Airbrush makes frequent guest appearances in the likes of Allure and Vogue.

I like that Dremu Airbrush gives me a softened, refreshed look in just a few minutes. I was expecting something richer and a bit more "tacky" in feel given the claim about puffy eyes, but Airbrush is lighter in texture and as such, doesn't tighten puffiness as much as I'd like. But it will smooth out things and give you some nice hydration.