Dream Derrieres: 5 'Wish List' Bottoms [PHOTOS]

A. Foley on 17 Jan 2013 at 9:00am

Sometimes we wish cosmetic surgery were as easy as snapping your fingers, or pulling a Mrs. Potato Head and simply trading out for the new parts you want. Instead, the best anyone can do is create a so-called “wish list” to show the doctor the dream result. Of course, that which is desired is not always realistic, based on body type and such, but it’s nonetheless interesting to see what people are after. So here we go – a RealSelf community inspiration board, and first up: Brazilian Butt Lifts!

Bountiful and bodacious (and boasting an impressive 93% Worth It Rating), here are a few booty-full wish pictures posted by members of our community who can't wait to join the “Brazilian Butt Lift Sisterhood.”

"If I have to travel [to get this done] and stay for a while then so be it!" -Anewme82

"I am excited and playing a year long waiting game. Please help me get through this because most people can't understand." -sexy_1

"Just like many of you, I have been wanting to enhance my butt somehow for YEARS!!!" -ambitious_girl

"Everyone has been so supportive and I believe this will be a great journey for me and everyone who will soon have their BBL! I'm so happy to have found people taking the same journey and me!" - Double4MyDivas



Do you have a dream photo for a specific part of your body - and if so, what is it? We'd love to hear in the comments below!