Pro-Age from Dove: looking damn good for your age

Beauty in Seattle on 24 Jan 2007 at 12:54am

Dove is glowing from the ultra successful Campaign for Real Beauty (Dove sales are up 10% in the past year).  The ad campaign was unique and brought meaning to the Dove brand for millions of women.  Personally, I  loved seeing real women in advertising rather than impossibly beautiful super models. Dove Pro-Age Skincare product line is launching next month

Dove Pro-Age body lotion for women ages 50+Dove's next bold move is to move beyond basic skin lotions and cleansers to target the anti-aging skin care needs of women 50+. 

Dove plans to launch the Pro-Age product line next month, bringing to market 15 new hair and skin care and eye care products.  Each Pro-Age product will incorporate ingredients that map to the needs of women who are experiencing reduced skin cell turnover and dry skin.

Dove is emphatic about positioning the Pro-Age line on "affirmative and celebratory" aspects of beauty, not the negative implied by "anti"-aging.  Dove states on their UK Pro-Age website:

  • We believe that age is part of what makes women beautiful, not an imperfection that needs to be corrected.  It is about looking damn good for your age." 

Have to appreciate the the confidence of the Dove brand.Pro-Age body wash coming soon to the US market

Also expect similar messages around empowerment and realistic role models.  The woman in charge of the Pro-Age rollout, Kathy O'Brien told WWD Magazine:

"We've spoken to a younger audience about self-esteem, and this is the first line we created that addresses menopausal women but in a very positive way. We're encouraging them to embrace their age and inspiring women in this age group to take better care of themselves, while showing them the potential that lies within their skin and hair."