Doctors Say Yes to Borrowing for Cosmetic Procedures

Beauty Cred on 8 May 2008 at 9:28pm

Driving home from a meeting last night, I heard an ad that made me want to throw something at the satellite radio dashboard.

It was a commercial on CNN Sirius 132, and it started out "my wife is so happy now, like she was when I married her fifteen years ago."

I thought it was an ad for anti-depressants.  But then it continued, "ever since she had that cosmetic procedure she has always wanted."

The ad was for a financing service called "Doctors Say Yes," which finances cosmetic surgery treatments no matter what the credit worthiness of the borrower. Apparently, it's a network of plastic surgeons who have come together to offer the financing with the surgery.

I don't know much more about it than what I've shared, but it's kind of depressing that they advertise to  men by saying "if your wife is unhappy, a cosmetic procedure will make her happy again." This is scary. Not to mention the debt.

QUICK TAKE: I didn't look to see what the interest rates are, or even if they are disclosed. I just think that if you are going to pay for somthing "out of pocket," it should be one's own pocket. Save up, for goodness sake. And then get the surgery. 

--posted by francine