Doctor Claims Early Botox Will Make You Look OLDER

Princess 19 on 3 Jun 2011 at 9:00am

Ever since it's introduction, millions of people have used celeb-faved Botox as both preventative and maintenance from unsightly frown lines, crows feet and the like.  But, according to one British doctor, starting Botox early may may you look older sooner.

As reported in the Daily Mail, UK's semi-celeb Dr. Darren McKeown claims that the idea of using Botox as a preventative measure are unsubstantiated.  He says that excessive use of Botox at an earlier age could actually cause muscles to deteriorate and evetually cause premature aging sooner (versus not using Botox at an early age).

Kim Kardashian preventative Botox"There is no evidence that in the long term Botox works as a preventative, nor is there any licence to use it as such," said Dr. McKeown.  "The drug works on wrinkles by relaxing the muscles responsible for expression lines and is licensed only for the treatment of moderate to severe frown lines."

Not all doctors agree, however. 

"The time to start Botox is before you need it," says San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Vincent Marin.  "As your muscles continually contract and 'wrinkle' your skin over many years, the lines only seen when the muscles are contracting become lines present at rest.  Thus, if you treat (paralyze) selected muscles before these lines appear (it is normal to have them when your muscles contract), you can slow the 'aging' process, at least as it relates to fine lines on your skin." 

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Botox before and after photos

Photo credit: Dr. Gregory Pippin, NY Post