Is Divorce the Ultimate Motivator for Plastic Surgery?

Julie Clark Robinson on 19 May 2011 at 11:00am

Revenge may be better served cold, but in the case of the scorned ex-wife, serve it up smokin’ baby!  Some 25% of all plastic surgeries consultations come hot on the heels of divorce court.  Does the newly single woman simply want to feel better about herself before she faces the dating scene?  Is it because the names on the credit cards haven’t been changed yet?  In any case, the ‘look what you’re missing’ motivation has got to feel better than feeling sorry for yourself over a pint of Ben & Jerry’s right?

Let’s look at Alicia Hunter, a 43 year-old divorced mother of two, for a good example.  In the three years since her divorce, she lost 60 pounds and then finished her personal renovations at the doctor’s office.  A new pair of boobs and some Botox later and viola! – a confident woman who feels emotionally ready to start a new life.

Alicia Hunter before and after divorce surgery

“If I hadn’t lost weight and done some tweaking, I don’t think I would ever set foot outside the house,” she has told reporters.

Whether the trend is about post-divorce revenge or a self confidence boost, we hope that the newly single ladies out there do their homework and don’t jump into a quick fix that they may regret.  

Lifestyle Lift before and afterSome docs warn about the procedures marketed as “lifestyle lifts” or “mini lifts”.   Dr. George J. Beraka, calls the procedures an “embarrassing gimmick.”  He warns, “…at best, they will give you a partial, short-term improvement. “   But results are different for everyone, and RealSelf member Suzie in Arlington says "Lifestyle Lift made [her] look fabulous after divorce." Still, Dr. Beraka says you can achieve a decent change with fillers, then move to a full facelift when you're ready for surgery. 

Makes sense to this woman, but then again, I can hear my husband snoring in the other room. 

Have you revamped yourself post-divorce or known someone who has?

Photo Credit: Alicia Hunter and ABC