Ditch Sweaty Pits and Inject Your Face With...You

A. Foley on 27 Jul 2012 at 10:00am

sweat pits

Dermatologist Dr. Jeanine Downie of image Dermatology P.C., appeared on the TODAY show this morning to unveil the latest dermatological treatments turning heads. We were lucky enough to chat with Dr. Downie beforehand to get her take on a couple of the spotlight treatments:

First up, it’s all about investing back into yourself – literally. Dr. Downie reports on LaViv, a new alternative to injectables in which skin cells are harvested from behind the patients’ ear, then sent to a lab where they grow and multiply. Three to four months later, the fresh cells are then injected back into the patients’ face as a way to “naturally” smooth wrinkles and folds and boost volume.

“You need to do at least three treatment cycles over a 12 week period, and the results last for two full years, so it is more permanent than typical injectables,” says Dr. Downie. “It costs three to four thousand dollars to grow the cells, plus around $650 for each syringe injection, so this is a treatment for people who are not concerned about cost and want a more ‘organic’ approach.”

Next, Dr. Downie has her eye on miraDry for those suffering from excessive sweat. The non-invasive procedure is a purported permanent solution for eliminating armpit sweat, and uses electromagnetic energy that reaches down to the dermal fat layer. 

“Basically you are microwaving your armpit,” says Dr. Downie. “You have to do it twice, two or three months apart, and then never again.”

miraDry scores a 100% Worth it Rating from RealSelf reviewers and costs an average of $2,850 per treatment. After his procedure, RealSelf community member ChipTheCableGuy claimed “as far as the sweating goes, I’m less than a week in and have not sweated at all. It's an awesome feeling to be pretty sure that my shirt is soaked- only to find that it is dry as can be and I am cured of this sickness (hopefully for good!!)”


Photo credit: StylePics/Deposit Photos