Signs to Avoid When Considering Breast Augmentation

mellieb on 20 Feb 2011 at 12:00am

In highly competitive cosmetic surgery markets like Southern Florida and California, ads have been spotted where doctors promote $3,000 breast implants with giant billboards. 

Breast implants for $3,000 represent a price 50% below the average reported by 850 women posting to RealSelf. A low cost breast augmentation is, however, sought by women who are under tight budgets and want breast enlargement surgery.

We have yet to hear from a board certified plastic surgeon that believes a $3,000 enhancement is possible. Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Aaron Stone believes that if someone offers $3,000 breast implants  you should "run away as quickly as possible in the opposite direction from that doctor." Given this tip, perhaps these signs are enough to tell you who to avoid in your area:

Breast implants for cheap

Billboard on Beach Boulevard in Westminster. Photo by Colin Stewart / The Orange County Register
discounted breast implants on a billboard
Spotted on the road to Las Vegas

New Orleans Breast Implant Ad

Breast augmentation billboard seen in Louisiana