Dina Lohan Denies Daughter Ali Had Work Done

Princess 19 on 16 Sep 2011 at 11:40am

Did Ali Lohan have work done on her face?  That is the million dollar question of the past week.  Mother Dina recently went on the Wendy Williams Show to deny what the naysayers can't stop gossiping about - that Ali had something done.

When flat-out asked by Williams if daughter Ali had plastic surgery, Dina replied, "Absolutely not. She's 17. I don't really believe in plastic surgery for young girls. Some do, but I don't."

Dina goes on to use the "growth spurt" rationale for her daughter's morphed face.

What do you think?  She appears to have a completely different chin.  Maybe it's the way she is tilting her head?  Maybe it's the angle?  Something smells like Bristol Palin here.  Perhaps in a few days there will be a "medically necessary" press relase.

Watch the full interview: 

Photo credit:  The Wendy Williams Show