Dermitage free trial and the meaning of free

Beauty in Seattle on 17 Dec 2007 at 5:36pm

Was thinking about requesting free sample of Dermitage Instant Lifting Creme when after a Google search of "dermitage," I encountered plenty of posts complaining about Dermitage's meaning of "free".  That is, customers complained they were charged $69 after the free trial ended.

In the world of social media transparency, free trials that end with an automatic credit card charge are perhaps a thing of the past.  Or, at the very least, company's will be forced into moving fast to satisfy the customer.  This was my experience with the Consumer Reports health newsletter (they quickly reversed charges). 

Funny enough, I also noted Dermitage's announcement about venturing into a more social media inspired website. 

"We want to leverage this communication channel to provide detailed ingredient formation and clinical study data explaining how and why our products work so effectively."

Careful what you ask for!