Will This Cream Shrink and Tighten Your Stomach? [REVIEW]

MakenzieR on 1 Jun 2012 at 11:00am

When you see an ad for a “miracle” skin cream does your rational thinking go out the window? I’m as skeptical as the next woman when it comes to the big promises of wrinkle/cellulite/tightening creams, but somehow still find myself thinking “maybe this one will actually work!” So, when we were offered to test a sample of the Mama Mio’s Get Waisted Body Shaper cream, I figured I should give it a whirl. At the very least I’d end up with softer skin!

The Pitch

Here’s what Get Waisted promises:

NINE well proven ingredients designed to help combat fat deposits, tighten your tum, reduce puffiness, and – most importantly – maximise lipolysis.

Lipolysis is the way your body breaks down the fat stored in fat cells; giving you slim fat cells and a slimmer silhouette. Get Waisted’s ingredients are well proven in lab tests to dramatically increase the destruction of fat


I used Get Waisted for over 30 days, as directed. Missed a few here and there, but was consistent overall. (Full disclosure: I was also watching what I ate and working out, but not a lot more than usual. "After" pic is also tanner due to vacation.)

So, did it smooth my tummy as promised? You be the judge:

Mama Mio Get Waisted review

Let me say it first: these pictures aren’t that impressive. Nor were the results. That being said, I do feel like my stomach was slightly smoother looking. My weight has fluctuated many times over the years, but I really thought the skin on my belly seemed tauter for once.

It could be that I’m seeing what I want to see, and not real results. In which case, does it matter? If I feel like my skin looks better, isn’t that what’s important?


Mama Mio’s Get Waisted is not worth the $56 price tag, in my opinion; the results are just not impressive enough. $25 or less and I would buy it again. But you can bet I used up the rest of the bottle after my test period was over -- just in case it really was working.

Have you found any "miracle" creams that really work?

Photo credits: Mama Mio; RealSelf