Courtney Thorne-Smith Boasts about Botox

Princess 19 on 17 Oct 2011 at 10:00am

Another celeb has admitted Botox use.  Courtney Thorne-Smith likes it SO much, she is now a spokesperson.  That's one way of letting everyone know you use it.

The former Melrose Place star, 44, recently went on a media tour touting the virtues of Botox.

"It's never been a secret in my personal life – I've just never been asked by the press," Courtney told People.  "I found I've been able to use it and have full expression and look really normal."

Her experience sounds more favorable than Nicole Kidman, who after years of prodding finally opened up about her obvious former use.

“I tried it, I didn’t like it, so I’ve gone back to my own forehead," Nicole told Marie Claire UK.

"But I’ve never had plastic surgery on my face. People say I have, but I haven’t,” she added.  Maybe, it's because Nicole used to deny everything?

Back to Courtney...

Courtney also appeared on Fox News with zero questioning regarding Botox's adverse effects (though the network has controversially discussed Botox).

The only negative came when she discussed how the injections felt.

"Does it hurt like any injection would hurt? Yeah," she said.  "I mean, people have varying degrees, but sure, it hurts for a second."

botox before and after photosDon't tell that to the people afraid of needles.  The interview almost sounded like a commercial.  Score one for Botox PR.

Courtney admitted that she has been a Botox user...for 10 years.  That means she began injections at age 34.

"My hope is that if I take good care of my skin and use Botox, I won't have to use anything else," she said,  implying that Botox helped her look younger because she started using it.

But, what about the controversial adverse effects of starting Botox too prematurely

San Diego plastic surgeon, Dr. Vincent Marin says not to worry. "The time to start Botox is before you need it.

"As your muscles continually contract and 'wrinkle' your skin over many years, the lines only seen when the muscles are contracting become lines present at rest."

In the end, the actress admits, when it's time and Botox isn't enough, she'll consider other options.

"Never say never. I always want to look like myself – that's key for me. I don't want to look like a different person, I don't want my face frozen."

See the full FOX appearance below.

What do you think, readers?  The use of this cosmetic enhancement has it's share of fans and opponents.  At a 64% Worth It rating, where do you lie on this subject?