Two's Company: Couples Opt for Simultaneous Plastic Surgery

WriterMama on 16 Aug 2012 at 9:00am


We've mentioned the topic before—couples undergoing nip/tuck together, or opting for simultaneous lipo. Now, this double-procedure trend is really catching on. Is this just a new way for couples to proclaim their love, like matching tattoos, or is there something more to the surge? 

More men are going medi-beauty 

According to the American Society to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of men who opt for cosmetic procedures are on the rise. Last year, 9 percent of procedures—that's 800,000 of them—were performed on men. The 121 percent increase since 1997, and increased openness of men toward plastic surgery, may account for part of the growth in his-and-hers procedures.

A well-earned reward

Heather and David Robinson, married for 18 years, are among the ranks of couples who've chosen simultaneous surgery. David tells ABC, “Well, Heather has had four children... So if anybody deserves to get a tummy tuck, I think it’s her.”

Support and solidarity is a recurring theme in plastic surgery for couples, with each encouraging the other to embrace a well-deserved new image—often following the hectic years of child-raising. The experience can be one of bonding, confidence building and a way to ease apprehension, because you're not going it alone.


“I’m married, not buried…”

Married couples are interested in looking good for each other, as much as the rest of the world. According to that same interview, Heather and David showed that electing for his-and-hers cosmetic surgery can be an affirmation of the relationship and deliver a physical and psychological boost after the honeymoon phase.

Married women often seek a return to their pre-baby bodies, whether that be through diet, exercise, or a surgical option. For men, it's typically a matter of age-related wear —as metabolism slows, the body grows. Liposuction is gender-neutral, but while women mainly go for tummy tucks or breast lifts, men favor chin or facial enhancements.

If you're considering plastic surgery, does pairing up with your other half appeal? What procedures would you choose as a couple? Let us know!


photo credit: LA times