Want a Celebrity Body? Here's What It'll Cost You

MakenzieR on 12 Dec 2011 at 5:00pm

Let's face it, celebrity bodies are what pop culture bases most of our beauty standards on.  It's fairly common for people to express interest in a celebrity feature.  But what I'm always left thinking when we talk about how celebs stay beautiful is the fact that they have TONS of money to spend on the best ways to do it.

Thankfully the folks over at New Beauty (who know what it takes to look your best) put together this list of how much it would cost the average woman to be red-carpet-ready:

Celebrity trainer
For an individualized workout plan best suited for your needs, enlist the help of a celebrity trainer for about $20,000 a year.

Delivery diet
To keep you eating in check, try a delivery diet. Eating right is key to a better body and portion control and healthy choices are the reason delivery diets are so popular among stars. It costs about $14,000 annually.

Better bust
If it's a fuller, tighter bust line you're looking for, gels and creams that amplify the breasts claim to be a noninvasive way to go bigger. They typically cost about $150. But if you're open to breast implants or a lift, you'll spend about $7,000-8,000.

Flatter tummy
Surgically removing excess fat and skin gives way to a streamlined stomach permanently for about $10,000.

Skin tightening treatment
For $500 you can create new collagen and tighten skin to firm up and even get rid of small areas of fat.

Total cost to budget for? $50,000 (if you chose the bust firming and not the augmentation).

Since the U.S. median income in 2010 was $26,364, it's no wonder the majority of the country does not have a Hollywood body (not to mention some people just don't want to). 

That's all well and great, but for those of you with tighter budgets than Jennifer Aniston, here are Makenzie's Celeb Body Tips for the Budget Conscious:

10 pound slimdownCelebrity trainer on demand
Buy at $15 work-out video from Jillian Michaels or Chris Freytag.  Do it regularly. See results.

Diet. Period.
Count calories. Join Weight Watchers. All cheaper than a celeb delivery diet. Actually, I did the math and even the most expensive Nutri-system option is about $5,000/year without a promo, or $13/day.  Doesn't include fresh stuff you're supposed to buy at the store, but still not bad. 

Bigger bust
Victoria's Secret Bombshell Bra anyone?  True it's not as fun when you take it off, but it'll make ya look good for less.  And cheaper brands have knock-offs now for around $20.

Flatter tummy
coolsculpting before and after photosSee trainer on demand. Or here's where to invest in a little doctor-assistance.  Coolsculpting patients are seeing great results at an average price of $1700.

Skin tightening
Spanx. Assuming New Beauty was talking about tightening skin on unwanted fatty areas. They've become somewhat of a joke in pop culture, but that's only because EVERYONE is wearing them, even our idolized celebs. Best $35 I've spent at Nordstrom's. 

Ok so my list including a delivery diet like Nutri-system totals $6,780 + extra food costs.  Probably about the same if you join Weight Watchers and buy all your own food.  Now if you follow the first two closely and add the Spanx (this is key, since we all have stubborn bulge), you may be able to cut the Coolsculpting and save $1,700.  The boobs and the taut-booty may not be permanent, but until I sign my million dollar record deal it'll have to do. 


How much are you willing to spend on the body of your dreams?