Top 10 cosmetic procedures that are worth it

NancyM on 28 Sep 2008 at 7:56pm

Getting "work" done should always be worth it. The cost, recovery time, pain, all should result in a great gain. But what treatments are really worth it?  

We're trying to address this key question with consumer reviews about skin treatments, plastic surgery procedures, dental procedures, laser vision correction, and other cosmetic enhancements offered by medical experts.

At readers rate which cosmetic treatments and procedures are "worth it." This information is a great starting point to read the stories people share about their cosmetic experiences.

The current top 10 procedures rated as most worth it are:

  1. Tummy Tuck
  2. Fraxel Repair
  3. Silicone Breast Implants
  4. Blepharoplasty
  5. Invisalign
  6. Smart Lipo
  7. Saline Breast Implants
  8. Laser Hair Removal
  9. Rhinoplasty
  10. Botox

Based on these findings, it raises the question why basic, noninvasive treatments--like teeth whitening or microdermabrasion--are missing from the list. The 10 above are some of the more serious surgical procedures--those that can take lots of consideration and have longer recovery times. In fact, teeth whitening treatments like Zoom were rate worth it by just 42% of reviewers.