Comparing Plastic Surgery Cats

Beauty Cred on 23 Dec 2008 at 6:03am

For some reason I found myself in a recent conversation about people who "go too far" with their plastic surgery. This led to Catwoman (aka, Jocelyn Wildenstein) and Catman (aka, Dennis Avner)...which then naturally led to comparisons.

So for those not in touch with these two cats, here goes your tutorial—according to the popular press & Google...

Jocelyn Wildenstein's cat-like plastic surgeryDennis Avner, Catman, takes on his tiger totem



Name Catwoman (Jocelyn Wildenstein) Catman (Dennis Avner)
Age 68 50
Reason Plastic for Surgery Thought plastic surgery would help hold onto her husband Is following his Huron roots and embracing his totem
What's been Done Cheek Implants, Eyelift, Chin Implant Tattoos, stud implants for whiskers, Cheek Implants, Brow & Forehead Implants, Filing & Crowns for Teeth, Silicone injections, Bifurcated upper lip
Cost of Plastic Surgery Rumored millions Rumored $200,000+
Romantic Life Seen earlier in year with Lloyd Klein, a fashion designer Reportedly stated he's "seeing a couple of women" though they "don't understand" him


It's hard to look at both without having some opinion--and I also recently watched a psychologist on Animal Planet ask the question in reference to Catman, "How far is too far? When is a line crossed...and who determines that line? whose line is it?" Food for thought.

Aside from stating that I'm a dog person so the cat look wouldn't be for me (and no, I won't visit a plastic surgeon with a picture of a schnauzer as inspiration), my only concern is that some of the work you see here was done out of the US, because according to Catman, it wasn't allowed here. With good reason...

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