5 Common Questions About Financing Plastic Surgery

K. Mathews on 5 Apr 2012 at 8:00am

plastic surgery financing

It’s no secret that plastic surgery can be expensive, leaving many potential patients wondering how they might afford it. Financing options are a common topic in our forums and Q&As, so we’ve rounded up some of the most common questions about the subject.

5 common questions about financing plastic surgery:

1. Will my insurance cover it?

Potentially. Though patients tend to overestimate the circumstances that insurance companies will deem medically necessary, it isn’t out of the question. Be aware, it does require a lot of leg work on the patient’s part and sufficient documentation before insurance companies will pony up. For more information, check out 5 Cosmetic Procedures Your Insurance May Cover.

2. Do I have to pay upfront?

Yes, it is standard practice to pay the doctor much if not all of the fee before the surgery. Generally, a deposit is required when you initially schedule the surgery. About two weeks before the surgery, either a partial or full amount is due, depending on the office’s policy. "No good plastic surgeon will do the surgery without payment in full up front," says Dr. Richard Rand.

3. Are there financing options?

On a national level, Care Credit is the most popular credit option for elective healthcare services. Individuals are able to apply for Care Credit like they are for other lines of credit. Some doctor’s offices also offer financing programs of their own. All of this differs by practice, so it’s a good idea to call around first. 

4. How much do the procedures cost?

You can get a pretty good idea of industry standards from RealSelf’s price averages, all based on patient reviews. Obviously, the cost differs between doctors and location, but many offices can quote you a general price range for any procedure over the phone and then give a specific quote after your consultation.

5. Are discounts available?

Doctors will sometimes offer special promotions or discounts on procedures to bring in new clients. Groupon and other online coupon services for cosmetic surgeries have become increasingly popular, but that doesn’t make them a great idea for everyone. Be sure to read 5 Tips for Evaluating Group-Coupon Deals before purchasing one.
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However you pay for your procedure, remember the words of Dr. Tom Pousti: "Please don't make [cost] the primary factor in choosing your plastic surgeon.  Experience, safety record, and quality of work will matter most."