4 Beauty Treatments We're Excited about in 2012

MakenzieR on 7 Jan 2012 at 10:00am

It’s one week into the new year, and we’ve seen a lot of press about the exciting beauty procedures/products to come in 2012.

Here are the 4 things we’re most excited about  --

1. Botox cream

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), “Studies are underway to determine whether or not the drug is effective for cosmetic use when applied topically.”  We heard of FDA testing back in 2010, too, so we’re hopeful this is the year something finally hits the market.
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2. LaViv

Laviv before and after photos

Approved by the FDA in 2011, word on the street is LaViv will make a huge splash in the world of injectibles.  It’s a wrinkle filler made from a patient’s own skin cells. Rumor has it there will be a new procedure page on RealSelf soon... looking forward to the first reviews!

3. At-home fat zappers

In-office CoolSculpting was a hot topic in 2011, but what if you could zap fat at home?
According to plastic surgeon Dr. Phil Haeck, “Speculation is high that this will be the year the FDA releases the first ‘Patient Applied’ external ultrasound for do it yourself at home fat reduction.”

He notes that it will only be sold by physicians (so you can’t get it at Walgreens), and, while effective, will only eliminate small amounts of fat. But IMO, assuming you can safely use it on yourself again and again, it’d be worth the investment.

Ideal Implant Hybrid4. Ideal Implant 

Dr. Aysel Sanderson recently told me about a new type of breast implant called the Ideal Implant.  It’s filled with saline, but has multiple chambers to mimic the feel and movement of silicone and prevent rippling. 

Truthfully, if approved, this implant won’t be available til 2013 at best. It’s currently in FDA trials, and those folks (thankfully) thoroughly scrutinize implants (hence why the US has been exempt from the PIP scandal).  But it sounds like an ideal (sorry!) option in the future, so I’ll be keeping close tabs on this one.

Honorable mention: Natural breast augmentation.

With the increasing demand for natural breast enhancement, Dr. Haeck says “more and more plastic surgeons will adapt the techniques needed to make [fat transfer] a permanent transplant.  Some may be successful in getting more than a 1 cup size increase.”

Any other cosmetic beauty things you’re excited for in 2012? 

Photo credits: earl53 on Morguefile; MyLaviv.com; Idealimplant.com