China Ranks #1 in Breast Implant Surgery

A. Foley on 11 Sep 2010 at 4:10pm

China leads the world in breast augmentation, with over 220,000 women undergoing the cosmetic surgery last year (souce:  

The top 5 countries for breast implants are:


1. China

2. US

3. Brazil

4. India

5. Mexico

China leads the world in breast augmentation (breast implant) surgery

Overall, China ranks third in the world for cosmetic plastic surgery, with close to 2.2 million getting work done.  

What's driving demand for plastic surgery in China? ABC News recently interviewed people in China and pointed to greater societal pressure to improve personal appearances in order to get ahead in certain careers.

"Many job industries have higher requirements for a person's physical appearance," ... "Especially the public relations and entertainment fields."

To illustrate the economic benefit of plastic surgery for women, Ma cited a famous Chinese actress as an example.  "In college, she was not that pretty," he said. "She had difficulty finding work as an actress in Beijing, so she had work done. One year later, everyone wanted to give her a job."

China is also the #1 market for eyelid surgery, often referred to as double eyelid surgery or Asian blepharoplasty. This surgery adds a crease to the eyelid and makes the eyes appear more "western".