#RealData: 68% of Parents Would Buy Their Child Plastic Surgery to Prevent Harassment

A. Foley on 27 Aug 2012 at 3:00pm

Bullying among teens has always been a problem, and now some students, parents and other organizations are taking significant, appearance-altering action in an effort to prevent teen bullying. On the heels of the Nadia Isle story, the topic has sparked notable controversy and debate, and we polled the community to gauge public sentiment about this topic.

The survey findings reveal that while several parents are completely against adolescent surgery, others would be open to allowing their teen to undergo surgical procedures to alleviate harassment. The poll surveyed more than 650 people and, according to the results, 68 percent were in favor of plastic surgery for teens when it comes to bullying, while 32 percent were not.  When asked about potential procedures, 24 percent stated they felt both nose jobs and ear pinning for a teen would be appropriate, if it could help prevent them from being bullied.

Whether due to bullying or other motivations, teens are undergoing surgery in record numbers to modify their looks. From acne scar treatment and laser hair removal to rhinoplasty and overall body modification, adolescent surgery is gaining popularity. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) reported that nearly 132,000 cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed on teens between 13 and 19-years old in 2011, up 5 percent from 2010.
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