Whiten Your Teeth for Under $5 ~ Claim Check

Dr. Bernstein DDS on 22 Aug 2010 at 5:38pm

Cheap Teeth Whitening Ads You See All Over the Web

The Claim: The "mom" ads are all over the Web and Facebook. "Don't Pay for White Teeth".  What the advertiser wants you to do is purchase their teeth whitening products and get amazing results for less than $5

Background: Teeth whitening has been a highly popular cosmetic procedure since it was discovered by accident in the mid-80s that carbamide peroxide will brighten many teeth.

Since that time, the process has been extensively studied and scrutinized and MANY products have emerged. At this time, a panel commissioned by the American Dental Association has found teeth whitening a safe and acceptable procedure with occasional minor side effects. (This is discussed at length in the Tooth Whitening Q&A section of RealSelf). Whitening products are provided by dentists, over the counter, at tanning salons, kiosks in the mall, and yes, over the Internet.

Reality: Many whitening products are available outside the Dental Office. Most are less effective than a professionally administered products. They contain less active ingredients. A few are very effective for some people. Why? Some people --young peoples' teeth-- whiten more easily, yellow and brown teeth whiten more easily. Staining from age, smoking and coffee require more expertise to whiten.

The Bottom Line: There are side effects that occur from whitening such as sensitivity, blotching or striping of teeth, gum irritation and most importantly, crowns and fillings that do not change color to the surprise of the patient using OTC products. They then have an expensive esthetic problem to correct that could have been prevented with a professional examination and professional whitening treatment by a dentist or trained dental team member.

       Mickey Bernstein,  DDS
            Mickey Bernstein, DDS, Memphis Cosmetic Dentist
Dr. Bernstein, from Germantown, TN, is a nationally recognized cosmetic dentist. He is an Accredited Member and 2008-2009 President American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.  More about Mickey Bernstein

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