Join RealSelf This Holiday Season: #Change500 Lives Through Reconstructive Surgery

Jager Weatherby on 19 Dec 2014 at 12:00am

VietnamEvery day at RealSelf, we see the transformative power that plastic surgery can have on a person’s life. Now, thanks to the work of many of our board-certified doctors, the chance to restore confidence and personal wellness is being given to those who need it most around the globe.

“In the developing world, a child born with a cleft deformity is shunned,” says Napa Valley plastic surgeon William McClure. “Many are not able to attend school or do meaningful work. In some cultures, the family hides or even abandons the child. A single 45-minute operation can change a child's life.”

RealSelf had the opportunity to witness these operations firsthand when we sponsored a medical trip to Vietnam with ReSurge International. In less than two weeks, a team of doctors was able to provide 87 individuals with surgeries to repair their deformities, as well as train local physicians to perform these procedures once they’d left.

“We were so moved by the impact from this effort, we decided to increase our commitment to a larger range of surgery locations and patients,” says RealSelf founder and CEO, Tom Seery. It was out of that that #Change500 was born.

#Change500 is a year-long campaign that aims to bring reconstructive surgery to those in need in developing nations. The majority of these operations take less than an hour and cost as little as $250. $250 to change a life forever.

It became our mission to raise $125,000 to provide 500 people with access to life-changing surgeries. Though the campaign was intended to run through the end of 2015, the support has been truly overwhelming. In less than two weeks, #Change500 hit 99% of its goal. With the help of contributors like you, we can only hope to raise even more funds, thereby increasing the impact around the world.

Head to to learn how you can get involved, or donate using the link below.

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About ReSurge International
ReSurge International (formerly Interplast) envisions a world in which no human being suffers physically or emotionally from a repairable deformity or injury. The organization’s volunteer surgeons and medical teams provide free reconstructive surgical care in 13 developing countries. The team also offers education and training to local doctors, thereby doubling the number of surgeries they can perform and increasing medical access around the world.