Faith Hill: "I'm in my prime"

Beauty Cred on 4 Aug 2006 at 10:48am

On paper (and, in articles and photos and red carpets, etc.), Faith Hill has it all. Phenomenal career, handsome devoted husband, healthy kids, beauty, fame, riches – the polar opposite of what most country western songs detail.

Thing is that she’s so darn sweet and giving (she’s super-active in many charities) that you hardly even hate her for it! Quite the opposite, in fact. Faith hill is downright inspirational, I’d say.

At 38 and the top of her game, this is not some star that’s just going to hit the road and leave her kids to be reared by Nanny. Nope. Faith’s not having any of that Hollywood BS.

"I really have a strong sense--a necessity, almost--for stability, a foundation, where my family is concerned," she has said. "Family will be there after everything's gone and I'm too old or tired to do this anymore." Here is what she's had to say about raising her girls, keeping her husband happy, and making room for what matters,” she told Good Housekeeping.

“It doesn't mean my career is less important; I just have to position things differently.”

In their world of glitz and glamour, Faith and Tim McGraw’s seemingly rock solid (nearly 10 year) marriage is an anomaly.

Maybe it’s because, “the only thing better than performing is sex,” that the pair have managed to tread the marital waters so well. Though, with age has come some pragmatism, “Sex appeal is within yourself. When I was young and naive, I thought that breasts were so important when it came to being sexy. Now I know that the most important parts of a woman are her mind, her heart, and her soul."

Sure. But it still helps to look pretty on the outside. And, look pretty, this mom of three young girls does. How does she do it?

"I've always hated to work out. Ugh! How could anyone get any enjoyment out of that at all? But ... I started yoga just before I got pregnant with [for the third time], and it's a great workout. I do it in a strengthening way so that it's for more than just my mind.”

“When I'm just living my life, I slap on lip gloss and curl my lashes, and that's it--not even mascara. Sure, there are obviously wrinkles that I now have, but when I see a photograph, I notice that they're gone. Sometimes it's really nice to get rid of those! My husband usually knows when a photo has been changed. I have a dimple on my left cheek that he absolutely loves. He saw a picture of me and asked, 'where did your dimple go?'

"I'm in my prime," Faith has said. "I'm comfortable with who I am on the inside--and that has everything to do with how I feel about myself."