Celebrity Beauty: Salma Hayek

Beauty Cred on 11 Jul 2006 at 8:56pm

Salma Hayek is a natural beauty“I refuse to be intimidated by aging. I refuse to be afraid of it. I refuse to be ashamed of it. I refuse!"

Hear that people? Salma Hayek is having none of that “Woe is me, I’m old” crap.

"Society tells you to get old, and everybody settles for what they're told. What makes you old is repeating yourself. I say, 'Your glands get stimulation from new experiences.’”

Take that society!

And, the feisty Mexican actress, who turns 40 on September 2nd, puts her pesos where her boca is. Her glands get plenty of stimulation.

When she’s not on set, you can find Salma on safari, on horseback, diving with sharks, running her dogs, painting, cooking, gardening, you name it. "There are so many things we are capable of doing as human beings," she told Harper's Bazaar earlier this year. "When you are passionate about life, it keeps you young. Sometimes I wake up at 4 A.M. just to see how my roses look."

If you’re feeling a little schlubby by comparison right about now, you might want to click on over to something else before reading on.

Still here? Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. The Oscar nominee who was a mondo soap star and didn’t speak a word of English before giving Hollywood a shot 14 years ago, is not your run o' the mill pampered princess who buys in to all the aging hype and the products that go with it."I don't let the fear factor age me. I don't look [my age] yet I smoke, drink, don't exercise, eat everything they tell me not to. So how do you explain that? I do not have one gray hair and can still go without a bra--and I do nothing that you're supposed to be doing.”

Now, while the smoking and sun and stuff might not sit well with some, one of Salma’s time-honored traditions surely will…“You wash your face, take a good bath, make yourself smell nice--I even wear perfume sometimes when I'm alone--and put on a wonderful nightgown that feels good against your skin, even if you're sleeping alone -- Especially if you're sleeping alone. Then you're ready to give yourself this incredible night where you escape out of your body and you sleep--take a vacation as your body regenerates and you celebrate your femininity."

Before you dash off for a date with rubber ducky, heed these final words of Hayek wisdom; “Women should never lose being flirtatious--not when you're 50,60,90. Of course, it must be done with taste, but flirting is like a ... great laugh that keeps you young and joyous.”

Amen, amiga.

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