Celebrity Beauty: Mariska Hargitay

Beauty Cred on 22 Jun 2006 at 10:11am

Mariska Hargitay is Hollywood royalty. Not because of her kick-butt portrayal of Det. Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU, but because her mom was 1950's pinup/bombshell Jayne Mansfield and her dad was Mr. Universe – Mickey Hargitay.

Think it’s tough reconciling yourself with your looks when you’re an ordinary person? As Mariska (pronounced mar-ish-kah) says, “I had such an inferiority complex growing up. What do you do when your dad is Mr. Universe and they make water bottles shaped like your mom?”

These days the 42 year-old Golden Globe winner has kicked her complex to the ground – she’s happily married to actor Peter Herrman (the Sprint PCS guy) whom she met 5 years ago on the set of SVU) and the pair welcomed their first child, a son, August, at the end of June.

Still, it’s got to be tough competing with all the new nubile actresses vying for parts every pilot season. Does she feel any pressure to try and turn back time with the help of a little scalpel magic? Nah. “Plastic surgery is so creepy. I love that I'm not 20 and gorgeous. I'm aging like a fine wine and showing young women, look at what you can grow into.”

Mariska Hargitay Beauty Product Favorites

"I love pampering myself the way my mom and grandmother did. I always take baths. There's nothing better. And, I don't really wear makeup when I'm not on set. My dad hated it when I was growing up, and my husband doesn't like it either. But I never leave the house without at least six tubes of lip-gloss. M.A.C. Lipglass and Chanel Glossimer in Glaze. Gloss makes me feel instantly polished and pulled together. Chanel soft-black liner to do a sexy, smoky eye for evening. Molton Brown lip liner never makes me look like I'm wearing liner."

Other product faves? "Bumble and Bumble Sumotech makes my hair look piecey and textured. Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade. Laurent D. Prive shampoo smells fantastic and [for my skin] I love Dead Sea salts for detoxifying my skin, and I use a body brush to increase my circulation. Fresh Nectarine Milk Formula f21c foam for the bath. Fresh Sugarbath Brown Sugar Scrub smells so luscious and instantly wakes me up.” Anything she’d be crushed about if they pulled it off the market? “Cle De Peau skin cream.”

Mariska Hargitay Diet Secrets

What about that toned body that helps her pull off Olivia’s penchant for form-fitting slacks, tees and crew necks? Mariska admits to caving to cravings for Doritos and dark chocolate (though her favorite healthy meal is “a killer salad with my favorite dressing, balsamic dressing oil with Braggs Amino Acid”) and says that, to her, the most agonizing workout imaginable is “running on the treadmill without music” but she and Peter love to swim in the ocean. (She was a varsity swimmer in high school.)

And, what’s her favorite body part? What do people often compliment her on? “My smile.” What’s the key to a great smile? “Meaning it.”