Celebrity Beauty: Kyra Sedgwick

Beauty Cred on 21 Jun 2006 at 9:31am

celebrity beauty Kyra Sedgwick Kyra Sedgwick is cool. And not just ‘cause the second season premiere of her TNT show "The Closer" drew more people than ANY other cable airing EVER. Or, ‘cause she's been happily married to Kevin Bacon for 18 years and enjoys being mom to their two kids, Travis, 17, and Sosie Ruth, 14. She's also cool, really cool (and, in her profession, an enormous anomaly), because of the way she thinks about beauty.

"We're looks-obsessed here in America" the accomplished actress, who turns 41 in August has said, "[Europeans] see beauty in every age. But we live in a disposable culture, where it's all about the latest and greatest. And you're only young for so long, so your time comes and goes faster, which drives people to become desperate for youth."

And, she's not just blowing smoke either. She means it. Want proof?

Exhibit A: What she told W magazine about her one and only Botox experience; "I tried it once and let me tell you, it's freaking frightening. It was like: Oh my God, I can't move my forehead, and it really scared the s--- out of me. But it's hard, because everyone has it, so on film sets it's like," in a horrified voice, "you have lines in your forehead! Oh, God. Well, okay. We'll have to shoot around it."

Exhibit B: Unlike most stars, she's not particularly vain. At least not these days; "I don't own a lot of mirrors. I'm more concerned about what's inside. As the mother of a girl, it's an important message. Since having kids, I've let go of a lot of the rules I used to impose upon myself. It sends the wrong signals to be so self-centered. The only thing I'm still on myself about is being healthy. I try not to drink too much coffee or booze."

Does she admit to being the least bit bothered by the aging process? Sure, she is human after all. "[Over the years] my hair's gotten lighter. Of course it'll probably go gray someday, but for now, it's a nice blonde. And, the eyelids are [becoming] an especially tough area."

Her fixes for some of the less-desirable side effects of aging? Eating when she's hungry, working out less and savoring sleep. Playing up her eyes by getting her lashes tinted and brows done regularly. (She's also a long time devotee of Tweezerman Slant tweezers -- then again, who isn't?) And paying attention to making her entire body super-soft. How? According to her go-to gal, Regina Viotto, spa director of New York City's Paul Lebrecque Salon and Spa, Exfoliate all over--"It's the key to overcoming skin dehydration and making it ultra smooth. After your shower, lock in moisture with an invigorating lotion containing menthol and spearmint."

So, does the long time New Yorker picture herself hopping in a cab to some Park Avenue guru for a cosmetic procedure someday "I don't look down on people who have plastic surgery, but I'm taking things one day at a time."

As someone who often waxes nostalgic for Barbara and Julie Cooper (to say nothing of Schneider), I have to respect that whole-heartedly. "This is it. This is life. The one you get. So go on and have a ball..."

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