Heather Locklear keeps SPIN-ing

Beauty Cred on 18 Jul 2006 at 11:01am

Healther Locklear looks lovely at any ageOn the heels of her ex-rocker-hubby publicly shacking up with Charlie Sheen’s? ex-former-Fleiss-girl-wife, Heather Locklear has gotten a new tattoo on the outside of her 44 year-old right ankle. It’s a heart/rose rendering that has the word “finch” etched in scrip above it. Finch?

As in, Dennis Finch, David Spade’s character on “Just Shoot Me?”

Could be. Or maybe she’s just a fan of those little peep-y birds that hop around on the sidewalk.

I hope it’s the former. I love Heather Locklear and want her to be happy and if Mr. "Hollywood Minute" floats her boat then, I say, have at it. Enough with the rock stars.

Heather is an institution – and not only to those L’Oreal hair folks for whom she’s clearly worth it – she’s been beautiful and cool and kind off screen for as long as she’s been beautiful and bitchy and manipulative on screen.

Ever since making her splash as trashy Sammy Jo on “Dynasty,” people have been captivated by Heather – a So Cal native who became an actress only after she didn’t make the high school cheerleading squad – she’s just so darn pretty – but in an attainable way that we don’t begrudge her it.

Her former Spin City costar, Barry Bostwick sums it up perfectly, "From the moment she came out of the gate she had a popularity and charisma that were supernatural."


But she’s pushing 45! How can she still look the same? Hell, it’s been 25 years since she was trying to worm her way in to Carrington money. “I haven't really changed my appearance," she says. "Every once in a while I might chop my hair, but that's it.”

And she still dresses like a kid and makes it work for her. Says celeb stylist Jessica Paster, "Just because you have a 20-year-old's body, that doesn't give you license to dress like one. Heather Locklear can get away with it. But if your neck, face and hair don't correspond with that body, you're in trouble. At some point you have to look at the mirror and say, 'All right, I'm whatever years old.'"

Clearly Heather’s head is in the right place. She tells this story…“The other day it hit me that Linda Evans was in her 40s when I was on Dynasty” she continues, “At that time I thought she was older. Back then, people at 40 acted 40. Now, I feel like I'm 30. Though, it’s all changing, [if I let my weight lifting slide] for three days, everything starts to get wobbly.”

Shyeah. As her former pal Wayne Campbell would say.

What methods and products does the non-wobbly one use to stay looking so darn good?





  • She colors in her lips first with a liner that matches her lipstick (one of her favorite combos: Valerie Beverly Hills Putty Liner topped with Silk Stocking Lipstick). The liner leaves a light stain on her lips that won't rub off even if her lipstick does.
  • T. LeClerc's pressed powder in Banane, $45.
  • Crème de la Mer (natch)
  • Micro Pearlabrasion (which, I swear, was created by Anson Williams a.k.a. Potsie on Happy Days.) He and his makeup artist originated it for, the women on Baywatch - It's a gentle scrub that you apply everyday for 5 days with a nifty nylon applicator and, according to the hype “In a 28 day trial, the majority of users had an average of 31% reduction in fine lines. You can use it around the eyes.”
  • Lather Yuzu Body Wash, $27, for radiant skin.
  • Makeup artist Valerie Sarnelle says that to "Heatherize your eyes," says start with at least three shadows in smoky shades such as taupe, brown, olive, grey, or blue grey. "You can't just pile black or dark brown shadow on your lids -- or you'll end up looking like a vampire," Instead, she says, blend at least three smoky colors together on the whole lid, then finish the look with a soft liner in grey or brown, not black. To keep the liner looking soft, smudge it with a Q-Tip while it's still wet, and then finish with a row of false lashes.

    Et, Voila. You’ll look like Heather in no time. Just stay away from those bad boy rocker dudes.

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