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Beauty Cred on 17 Jul 2006 at 10:23am

Dianne Keaton ageless beauty''I can't keep up with the things that you can do to your head or your body. I'm just shocked,'' says Diane Keaton, who, at 60 (!) is the new face of L’Oreal Age Perfect cosmetics. (Jane Fonda has the same gig – but will only do her share of the shilling overseas.)

''I don't understand, because it seems to me it strips people of their uniqueness, it erases expression, the face doesn't move so much. It's a kind of odd, scary thing. It’s a big narcissistic problem that we all have and I don't know if the solutions work,” continues the Academy Award-winning actress, who is aging supremely well on her own.

If you saw “Something’s Gotta Give,” for which she received another Oscar nod, you KNOW what I’m talking about. Heck, at 58, Diane stripped nekkid and paraded around for Jack Nicholson. (Though she admits that he wasn’t actually there when they shot the strip down.)

'”I only look fabulous in the scene because it was directed by a woman, ” she modestly maintains. Yeah. I don’t think so. The only thing that looked better than Diane in that movie was her un-freaking-believable Hamptons beach house. Her wardrobe pretty much rocked too. Come to think of it.

But, I digress.

Diane, who shot to instant fame and became an insta-style icon following her award winning turn as the titular “Annie Hall” back in 1977, was raised by a beauty queen mom.

'I remember [when she] was crowned Mrs. Highland Park and went on to become Mrs. Los Angeles and then she became the finalist of Mrs. California. I was nine when she won that and when she was on stage being presented with all these gifts, I remember thinking: I want this.”

And “this” she’s had. She’s been in many memorable films, has the respect of her peers, bedded some of her generations’ hottest hotties (Warren Beatty and Al Pacino among them), and adopted two boys on her own ‘cause she’s never felt compelled to marry.

She’s a veritable renaissance woman. Which is probably another reason L’Oreal chose her. Here’s what the brass had to say about her appointment…

"Diane has been a role model and a trendsetter for over three decades, and we feel that she is the perfect example to show that women can be beautiful, full of vitality and incredibly successful in every stage of their lives ... She's a natural beauty. Nothing artificial. And she's comfortable with who she is."

Works for me. So does what she has to say about a certain “reality” show; (though she gets the name wrong – love that!)

''Now we have a TV show called Extreme Surgery. Can you believe that? And, of course, you look at it and there is some kind of morbid fascination with transforming ourselves into a kind of fantasy version of ourselves. You could have a very interesting fantasy, like wanting a beautiful, long nose, but nobody is doing that. They are all doing little tiny noses and it becomes like going back to the womb.”

“And of course who wouldn't want to change their face? I want to change my face. Of course I hate it. But it's the dilemma of are you going to change it that much?”

Will she ever change anything?

“Sometimes I don't trust my own pronouncements. It reminds me of when I was young and said I'd never go to bed with a man until I was married. That didn't exactly hold true.''

"For the time being I'm just going to try to live with who I am.''

Cool Diane. Don’t go changing. (…To try and please us… don’t change the color of your hair…)

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