Celebrity Beauty: Ann Curry

Beauty Cred on 28 Jun 2006 at 10:43am

Ann Curry lovely at 50A few months back, you couldn’t turn on a TV or turn a magazine page without being bombarded about Katie Couric’s departure from the “Today” show.

But the real “Today” show story (beside the fact that ratings since Queen Couric’s departure haven’t slipped one little bit) is Ann Curry.

Ann Curry is the amazingly beautiful, always impeccably turned out 49 year-old Emmy award-winner, who has been part of America’s morning routine since joining the "Today" family as news anchor in 1997.

This woman is a class act. Not only did she fill Katie’s anchor seat with aplomb when her Couric-ness was away for some reason, she always made a graceful return (a sort of on-air walk of shame) back to her little news chair without exhibiting so much as a teensy “harrumph.” (Nor has she shown any signs of having to restrain herself from shrieking, " WHAT?! MEREDITH $!@# VIERA? What about ME!?!)

The Ashland, Oregon native, who owes her exotic good looks to her Japanese mom and French/Irish/American Indian dad, joined NBC news in 1990 and has since run the gamut of story coverage, from exposing never-before-seen footage of Princess Diana speaking candidly about her life to interviewing firefighters and other “ground zero” rescue workers immediately following the 9/11 attacks.

Her main driving force? Words of wisdom imparted by her dad; "You are a Curry and you just go out and show them what a Curry can do. Never let anyone stop you from doing your job."

After 15 months of growing it out, Ann chopped off 10 inches of her lustrous black hair to support Locks of Love, the non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children who have lost their hair because of medical problems.

Ann describes her on-air style as "classic, classy and strong" and favors clean, simple lines. She is quick to say that she doesn't want her clothes to distract from her work and avoids anything "fussy," like prints.

She also says that, when it comes to her appearance people would be surprised to know that; “I’m in clogs and jeans, and makeup free, as soon as the Today show is over. I also have freckles.”

Other revelations from this beauty’s life?

My favorite healthy meal is…“A salad made with spinach, arugula, seaweed, avocado, pumpkin seeds, lemon juice and olive oil. I also love sushi.”

The one food indulgence worth clocking an extra hour on a stair climber is…
“Nothing is worth an extra hour on one. But my favorite indulgences are dark chocolate caramels, and dark-chocolate-covered orange rinds.”

My most fun workout is…
“Play wrestling with my 11-year-old son Walker, after going one on one with him in basketball. I also love rock-climbing, surfing and am learning to snowboard.”

The best makeup trick I’ve learned from a stylist is…
“to use an angled brush to fill in my eyebrows, which I once thought to be my worst feature.”

My favorite spa treatment is… “a deep tissue therapeutic massage.”

You’ll always find this in my bag…“My passport, because I never know where my job will take me. I also always have a love letter from my daughter, McKenzie, because I know it will make me feel good.”

What?! No super-luxe moisturizer? No "of the moment" lip stuff? Told ya she’s classy.