Christie Brinkley, Sharon Stone, & Diane Keaton et al.

Beauty in Seattle on 16 Jun 2006 at 11:49am

L'oreal spokespersonSeveral celebrities who admit to being over the age of 40 are being tapped as spokespersons for several of the major cosmetic companies including L’Oreal, Christian Dior, MAC, and Cover Girl. This is a refreshing departure from the modeling industry where models are becoming younger and younger.

Cosmetic companies have said that it is sometimes difficult to find women to represent the cosmetic companies because it means that they have to admit their age. But guess what? You’re not 29 any more ladies—and neither are the majority of women in America. Obviously the aging demographic profile is the motivation behind using older women as spokeswomen. The number of women ages 50 and over is expected to increase by 25% in the next ten years.

So who’s representing whom? Jane Fonda, 68, Diane Keaton 60, will be giving the nod to L’Oreal’s anti-aging cream. Sharon Stone, 48, will appear in ads for Dior’s anti-aging line called Capture Totale, which includes an anti-aging serum and anti-wrinkle cream that will also help reduce age spots.

Christie Brinkley, 52, who will forever be associated with Cover Girl, will once again be representing that company as part of their Advanced Radiance Age-Defying cosmetic line. Other celebrity spokeswomen include Liza Minelli (60), Diana Ross (62), and my favorite timeless beauty Catherine Deneuve, also 62, for MAC Cosmetics.

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