Hollywood celebs have a super botox secret?

Beauty Cred on 27 Nov 2009 at 3:14pm

A Hollywood actress' skin can look flawless and stunning--even after the age of 50! A RealSelf community member recently asked for the secret to celebrity wrinkle free skin. Specifically, what are actresses doing to get wrinkle free under eyes. Do the stars have some form of "Super Botox" that enables smiling without creating wrinkles?

Apparently not. The medical experts at RealSelf have shared a number of tips:

Celebs are religious about their skin care regimen

Hollywood elites listen to their dermatologists and skin care experts. They follow recommend daily skin care regimens that typically include cleansing morning and evening and applying antioxidants and sunscreen in the morning and of moisturizers and repair products in the evening. Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Plastic Surgeon in New York City likes to do a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, followed by a sunscreen and moisturizer. Palm Beach Dermatologist Kenneth Beers, also suggests retinol or a retinoid product a few times per week (such as Retin-A).

Celebrity love affair with dermal fillers

Few celebs will fess up, but the wrinkle-free expressions of an actress is going to be, most often, the result of a combination of skin therapies, led by a dermal filler such as Restylane or Juvederm. Denver plastic surgeon Manish Shah recommends to his patients NIA-24 to rebuild collagen, hyaluronic eye gel for hydration, and lower lid laser in the appropriate candidate to tighten skin

Botox works - but caution for under the eyes

If a doctor wants to inject Botox under your eyes, watch out. Dermatologist Mary Lupo states that it is "absolutely not correct to inject Botox into the lower crows feet muscle (the inferior obicularis oculi) because it can migrate into the smile muscle that lifts the mouth corner."  Doing so can stop you from being able to smile :-(

Good make-up makes a difference

Dr. Walden also writes that stars are using great make-up that's applied by make-up artists. She recommends cosmetic brands known for stage performance: MAC, Trish McEvoy, and Nars. "I also like a new, rising upscale brand called Le Metier de Beaute that offers light-diffusing foundation, really cool pen-like liquid liners, and wonderful colors of lip gloss!," says Walden.

Watch for celebrity photoshop

Lastly, the fact is that many magazine photos are air brushed. Manhattan Plastic Surgeon Kenneth Francis, MD says that photographs of actresses and models are usually retouched with software programs to remove the wrinkles. So, when looking for inspiration, make sure you're looking at the real deal.