Reversing Plastic Surgery is Oddly "In" with Celebs

BrittB on 8 Oct 2010 at 10:45am

In Hollywood, what’s “in” one day is soo “out” the next.  While cosmetic surgery is hardly out (LA is a top source of RealSelf site visitors), an odd trend is evolving around reverse cosmetic surgery.  Celebs are making their noticeable cosmetic changes disappear.  Welcome to the almost au naturel, girl next door look.

Stars like Jenna Jameson, Lisa Rinna, and Jenny McCarthy, who have cultivated their careers based on plastic surgery enhancements, have recently softened their images, possibly due to motherhood by removing breast implants and lip augmentations (as is the case for Rinna).  Lisa Rena reverses lip implants as part of a Hollywood trend to go natural

Even reality star Heidi Montag-- who broke out with the Hills and then made more of a name after having 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, and is rumored to want to have her breasts reduced to more “natural” D‘s.

Kelly Osbourne Wants to Remove her TattoosOther stars have followed suit by slimming down and cleaning up their image include “it girl” Kelly Osborn, who recently announced that she is going to have several of her 15 tattoos removed to help her transition into acting, saying she doesn’t want to be known for just her tattoos anymore. Perhaps this new transformation come about from her current hosting gig on Joan Rivers’ show Fashion Police.

Regardless of what is persuading these leading ladies to alter their alterations, they look great, and continue to catch the spotlight and gossip radar.



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