Which Oscar-Nominated Hollywood Stars Use Plastic Surgery to Get Red Carpet Ready?

Princess 19 on 22 Feb 2011 at 12:00am

Celebrities have often admitted to various rituals before their big day on the Red Carpet. From high-end facials to high-priced blow-outs, they do whatever it takes to get relaxed and camera-ready for the big day. But one thing celebs don’t divulge in those ritualistic routines is whether or not they have had plastic surgery to help their cinematic careers. Why? Tinseltown has often been the catalyst for (and often the capital of) cosmetic procedures.

So, why be shy, ladies (and gents)? Let the world know! You know everyone is wondering – including the experts. Let’s take a look at some past and present nominees.

Sandra Bullock – Fresh-faced Sandy hit the big time in 1994’s Speed. The 90’s were filled with romcoms such as While You Were Sleeping and Hope Floats. As early as 2000 while filming Miss Congeniality, she is quoted as saying to Reuters a definitive “no” to plastic surgery: "Absolutely not. I love what I have." But since then, much speculation has been made of her use of injectable fillers such as Botox or Juvederm. In 2010, the actress won her first Oscar for The Blind Side. She accepted her award as fresh-faced as ever. We think any help she may have received is a “win.”

Nicole Kidman – Nicole’s first breakout hit was in 1990’s Days of Thunder. During the 90’s, the 43 year-old actress starred in sleepers such as The Peacemaker and Eyes Wide Shut. She has always voiced her opinion as to NOT having used surgery or cosmetic enhancement. But in 2011, Nicole did a 180 and finally admitted to, at the least, using Botox. “I tried it, I didn’t like it, so I’ve gone back to my own forehead," the star says in Marie Claire UK. "But I’ve never had plastic surgery on my face. People say I have but I haven’t.” Hmmm. We’re not sure what years she is speaking of as having used Botox. But, she has been nominated for a Golden Globe or an Oscar from 2001-2004. A career boost was injected indeed. This year, she is nominated for both awards for the movie Rabbit Hole (having lost the Golden Globe to Natalie Portman). So here we have a star that says YES, albeit in Europe.

Halle Berry - This former fashion model and beauty queen stepped into the spotlight in 1986 as the runner-up for the Miss USA pageant. She then went on to win an Emmy and Golden Globe in 1999 for her portrayal in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. It was not until the 2000’s that she began to make an imprint in Hollywood with hits such as X-Men and Die Another Day. In 2001, she won an Oscar for Monster’s Ball. In 2007, regarding plastic surgery, she told Reader’s Digest, “No, I haven’t. But that’s one thing I’ll never say never about, because I don’t know.” We consider an A-list actress being realistic about enhancement to be refreshing. Spoken from a true Bond Girl.

Now one for the men:

George Clooney after eye bag removalGeorge Clooney - This 49 year-old actor was known as “that guy with the mullet” on The Facts of Life in 1985. He went on to star in ER for 7 years. He then became a movie star in hits such as Batman & Robin and The Perfect Storm. In 2007, he was rumored to have admitted to his pal Julia Roberts as having eye surgery. We’re not sure when he allegedly had this procedure. But, his career did cinematically take off in the last decade. With Ocean’s Eleven, Good Night Good Luck, and Michael Clayton, Clooney achieved both box office and award-nominated success. Last year, he was Oscar nominated for Up in the Air. Having multiple Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations isn’t a bad repertoire for someone that might have had enhancement work done - if it helps, why not?

Cosmetic surgery is here to stay. And with the technological advancements and expertise given today, the subject should never be “taboo” – even in Hollywood.  

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Remember, we’re all looking for the Fountain of Youth. It’s OK to say you drank from it.