Kathy Griffin: celebrity plastic surgery that didn't work

NancyM on 29 Aug 2008 at 9:58am

Kathy Griffin has turned to her self-ascribed addiction to plastic surgery repeatedly for jokes. Griffin also uses her plastic surgery admissions to garner much wanted media attention.  Most recently, she stated plastic surgery was not worth it.

"I've been off the junk, as I call it, for five years. I've had a face-lift, eye job and all that stuff.... It didn't help me one bit. It didn't get me happier or didn't make me look particularly younger."

Chelsea Handler took Griffin's plastic surgery bait. On Handler's show Chelsea Lately she quipped "Kathy Griffin released a statement saying she's done with plastic surgery. Well... plastic surgery has also released a statement... saying they're done with Kathy Griffin."

Handler was once called a poor-woman's Kathy Griffin by Variety's TV critic Brian Lowry, and the NY Times opined that "Ms. Handler doesn’t have Ms. Griffin’s middle-brow quality."

Hear Kathy Griffin prank call a plastic surgeon's office on Crank Yankers:

Is it an odd coincidence? When Chelsea Handler goes topless to a Botox appointment, the employee who greets her is also named Karen and sounds exactly like the victim of Kathy Griffin's prank call.