Celebrity Buzz: Kristen Stewart Sports Enlarged Bust

MakenzieR on 21 Jul 2012 at 9:00am

Kristen Stewart breast implants

Want a bigger bust without surgery? Kristen Stewart may have the answer: a push-up bra. We know, that's not a surprise to any of you, but apparently it is to some celebrity reporters.

Stewart started a blog firestorm this week by showing up a San Diego Comic-Con with what appeared to be an enlarged bustline. A few plastic surgeons told Hollywood Life that the previously un-endowed star definitely had breast implants (in their opinion -- none of them treated her). However, fans quickly pointed out that Kristen has previously spoken out against plastic surgery, and say her new look appears to be the result of a good push-up bra. 

This should be a good learning moment for all the Hollywood gossip mongers out there.

Kristen Stewart boob job
If you look at a different photo of Stewart in the same braless outfit HL showcases as the "before," you can clearly see she's got something there. Cleavage is something that only exists when you put your girls in a bra. So, it's no surprise Stewart looks fairly flat-chested from the front without one. 

The Twilight star did recently mention she wants to go full "porn star look" for her role in a new film -- but if she got breast implants to have porn star boobs, there'd probably be no did she/didn't she debate about it.

In other news:

  • Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kim Richards reportedly got a nose job. No, castmate Dr. Paul Nassif was not her surgeon.  [Wetpaint]
  • Mob Wife Renee Graziano underwent a correction surgery for a botched body lift. "I am so happy with the results! I have the cutest little tush. I keep telling everyone to touch it," she said.   [Radar Online]
  • There's a family in England where the mother and 4 eldest daughters have all had fairly dramatic breast enhancements. The youngest says she doesn't want to have hers done, which is not what mom wants to hear. Says mom: "I really love the fake look of my girls and I know that Britney will go that way when she’s a bit older. I love the idea of us all looking similar and glamorous." (Does anyone else feel like all the shocking family plastic surgery stories come out of England?)   [Daily Mail]


Photo credits: Gage skidmore on flickr (teaser); Hollywood Life; Talkingmakeup.com